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Protecting Your CDL

The most valuable asset you can possess on your job at CTA is your driver’s license. Your job is conditioned upon you having a valid CDL license. Safeguard your license by any means necessary and at all costs. Do not jeopardize or compromise your license. A suspended or revoked license is your worst enemy. Without you license, you may find yourself without a job. Take the time needed to always renew your license in a timely manner. Do not wait until the last minute to renew. You can renew your license up to one (1) year prior to the date of expiration.

The following are a few situations that can cost you your license:

  • Do not allow your automobile insurance to expire or lapse. In Illinois, mandatory insurance laws are in effect. Have insurance coverage not only on yourself but also
    on all vehicles that are registered with the Secretary of State in your name.
  • Be sure that all vehicles that are registered in your name satisfactorily pass the emissions testing. Comply and address any problems immediately.
  • Multiple moving violations will also affect your insurance costs at the time of renewal and the status of your license.
  • Accumulating parking tickets will bring you more concerns than the “Denver Boot.” At CTA, the City of Chicago is authorized and will take what you owe for parking tickets from your paycheck. Additionally, this could lead to your license being suspended.
  • Allowing other people (such as teenage children, friends & other relatives) to drive a vehicle that is registered in you name could also cost you your license. Should this person(s) get three or more moving violations on a licenses plate registered in your name; their driver’s license will be suspended and so will the plates on the vehicle. The chain effect will cause our driver’s license to be suspended.
  • DUI is a fatal error in the transportation industry. This could cost you your driver’s license, your job and your life.

ATU Local 241 negotiated with CTA a one-time reprieve for an operating employee who has run into problems with their license. CTA will reassign the employee to a non-operating position for up to six months; allowing the employee an opportunity to correct the problem.

Don’t take your CDL for granted. Protect your job, by protecting your license.

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