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New Members

New Member FAQs

Why Do I Have To Join?

Membership to Local 241 is a condition of employment with the Chicago Transit Authority and Pace West. Both CTA and Pace recognizes this union as the sole and
exclusive bargaining agent for their employees.

When Does My Membership Begin?

Membership begins the 1st day of the month following the date of employment. When the company hire date is on the 21st or after, union membership begins on the
1st day of the second month. Example: Your CTA hire date of February 5th will give you a union membership date of March 1st. Your CTA hire date of March 22nd will
give you a union membership date of May 1st.

How Much Does Membership Cost?

When joining ATU local 241, there is a one time administrative fee of $75.00, monthly dues are presently $65.38.

How And When Do I Make Payments?

Dues are paid through payroll deduction. All deductions are taken from the first pay check of each month only.

What Happens To My Dues?

As a member of Local 241, your dues support the operating cost of this Local. Because there is strength in numbers, Local 241 is affiliated with other
union agencies that assist us in helping you. A portion of each member’s dues (per capita) is forwarded to those agencies. Some of our affiliates are: International
ATU, Illinois State Federation of Labor AFL-CIO, Chicago Federation of Labor and ATU Illinois Joint Conference to name a few.

Your dues are not used as contributions to any political causes or campaigns of any individual that is seeking a political career or public office. However, it
is critical to the union that contributions are made to these causes. All donations of this nature come from the Local’s C.O.P.E. fund. Never dues!

What Do I Get For My Membership?

You will receive a Certificate of Enrollment to the Amalgamated Transit Union along with a plastic credit card like union card from our International Office. As long as you remain a member in good standing, you will receive from the International a quarterly magazine entitled In Transit. The union card is to be used when voting in all union elections. Should you not receive this information, please notify your Executive Board Member. It can take up to six months before all administrative work is completed.

What Are The Benefits Of Membership In This Local?

In addition to union representation at the garage level and for contract negotiations, the International and the Local offers a death benefit for each member
in good standing and an annual scholarship program for your children.

When Do I Stop Paying Dues?

Union dues are paid for your first 50 continuous years of membership. Thereafter, you will become a Lifetime Member. Your union card will be replaced with a gold
plastic membership card supporting this information. At this point, you will no longer have to pay dues.

Remember, once you retire you will continue to pay dues, however the amount of dues will be greatly reduced. Presently, retirees pay $6.00 per month.

Why Is It Important For Me To Notify The Union When I Move?

It is important that the union is able to staying touch with you. When elections are forth coming, the Local will always seed an advance notice to you
last known address. Elections are held for Election Commissioners and Delegates for our International Convention, additionally the Officers and Executive Board
Members and for Labor Contracts. At other times, when the officers need to communicate or contact the members, corresponding notices will be mailed to each member. For you to remain an informed member of this Local, you should always see that the union has your most current address and phone number.

When you change your address with CTA and Pace, you must submit a separate address change to the union office. Contact your Executive Board Member or call the union
office at 312-341-1733.

The ATU International will be mailing a union magazine to your last known address. The magazine is called In Transit. If you are not receiving this Publication, it
is because the union does not have your current address and phone number. Just give us a call!

When And Where Are Union Meetings?

ATU Local 241 holds a regular Mass Membership Union Meeting on the first Monday of each month. When the first Monday of the month happen to be a holiday,
then the regularly scheduled meeting is held on the second Monday of the month. Our meetings begin at 20:00 hours at IBEW Union Hall located at 600 W. Washington,
Chicago, IL.

In the event no meeting is held for lack of a quorum, all actions of the Executive Board which would have been reported to the membership at the meeting shall become
final and binding upon the Local Union without further action by the membership.

Your attendance is needed and welcomed at all meetings. In order for the President-Business Agent to conduct business, we need to have a 100 members present to have a quorum. Your attendance is recorded by an attendance card that will be issued by the warden. See you at our next meeting!